Earn money with Cryptocurrencies – Thanks to MarketRobo quick and Easy

Earn money with Cryptocurrencies

Everybody talks about crypto currencies, but what’s actually behind it? And many ask themselves if one can earn money by trading the digital means of payment. This is possible, as Marketrobo clearly shows. The platform, which has received numerous awards from TV shows and trade magazines, helps its customers to increase their money. Behind the portal are experts who have learned the trade from scratch. Therefore users do not have to bring along any previous knowledge.

Crypto currencies – a brief insight

In simplified terms, crypto currencies are digital money. It is mainly used in the virtual world and is already accepted as a method of payment by corporate giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Crypto currencies are traded internationally. That’s why they are also interesting for investors. They have this circumstance in common with foreign exchange. In contrast to traditional means of payment, however, they are not regulated by a central bank. Rather, they are independent of governments and the banking system. In addition, crypto currencies are subject to inflation protection and their circulation is limited. Digital currencies can be purchased from various online providers. Bitcoins are also available from Marketrobo. This gives customers the opportunity to do business on one single platform.

Marketrobo – Overview

Behind Marketrobo is a dedicated London start-up that has established itself in the financial sector. The platform offers users the opportunity to trade in crypto currencies without prior knowledge. Earning money with digital currencies is not as complicated as amateurs might think. The point is that digital currencies are traded at different prices by different providers. For example, if you buy Bitcoins for 900 euros from one merchant and sell them for 1,000 euros from another, you win 100 euros in no time. Experts call the system behind this the arbitrage principle. With Marketrobo everyone can register who is over 18 years old. Exceptions are citizens from the USA, China, North Korea, Iran, Yemen and Syria, who are excluded from participation. Registration on the portal is completely free. Marketrobo is financed by the profit share: it retains 25 percent of the profits of its users. Nevertheless, the current yield is 0.78 percent per day. Particularly Marketrobo the topic security is because of the heart:

– The use of private clouds, firewalls and other measures guarantees security for all customers.
– Marketrobo is committed to protecting your privacy
– At Marketrobo, all transactions are anonymous. So outsiders don’t know how much Bitcoins each customer is selling.

The platform can score points with an excellent customer service that is available 24 hours a day. A contact form is available on the website for this purpose. The team can also be contacted by telephone or e-mail. Also a modern Live Chat is possible, thus questions are answered immediately.

How to make profits with Marketrobo

Marketrobo’s financial experts are intensively involved with crypto currencies and monitor more than 100 providers around the clock. In this way, the company immediately recognises which developments are currently taking place and can act profitably for the customer. What laymen don’t know is that the price differences at Bitcoins & Co are usually only 0.15 percent. However, it is clear that an enormous amount of capital would have to be invested in order to achieve a large profit with this minimum percentage. For this reason Marketrobo works with the so-called levage. This is a leverage effect that depends on the capital invested. With a levage of 1:10, for example, Marketrobo trades at EUR 10,000 with an invested capital of EUR 1,000. With an investment of 0.5 Bitcoins, the levage is already 1:20, with a daily profit of 0.3 percent. With an investment of 2 Bitcoins and a levage of 1:40, it is already 1 percent. Marketrobo users do not have to follow the financial events on an hourly basis. That’s what Marketrobo’s experts do for them. If there are price fluctuations, the portal reacts immediately and sells crypto currencies profitably. These transactions take only 30 to 60 seconds. Because crypto currencies are subject to constant change, it means being fast.

The start into the crypto currency trading made easy

If you have no experience with digital currencies and would like to try out the Marketrobo system without obligation, the best way is to start with the demo version. Here laymen can test the system without obligation and without financial risk. Most users are enthusiastic about it and realize how quickly Marketrobo can increase its capital – and without much financial knowledge. In the next step one changes into the real money mode. The registration with Marketrobo is very simple: You only have to type in your name and your best E-Mail address. In addition, a password is set, which is required for further logins on the platform. The announcement of a current telephone number is also a prerequisite for registration. As soon as the registration has been completed, you can either transfer Bitcoins to the platform to trade with them or buy them directly on the portal. They can be paid by credit card, PayPal or Sofortüberweisung. Anyone buying from Marketrobo Bitcoins must present a valid identity card to verify their identity. However, thanks to the simple step-by-step instructions for purchasing Bitcoins, the purchase is completed quickly in few steps.


Translated from German into English from our Press Release at unternehmen-heute.de 

Source: http://unternehmen-heute.de/news.php?newsid=549718