How to buy Bitcoin with VISA or MasterCard

How to buy Bitcoin

Today we would like to share the instruction on buying Bitcoin using your VISA or MasterCard credit card. It is quite easy to do. Let’s get going.

To buy your first Bitcoin, you will need to open a BitPanda account.

Once your account is fully verified, navigate to the menu point “Wallet” and click on the green button “Buy”.

Choose “Bitcoin” and choose your payment method and enter the amount you want to invest. Go through the payment process step-by-step until you have completed your Bitcoin purchase.

You’ve just bought your first Bitcoin. Now, return to “Wallet” and click on “Send”. Specify your desired amount under “Choose amount” or click “All”. Next, copy your MarketRobo address into the Payout address field.You can find the Adress in the “Invest” Section in your Dashboard.  Click the Send button and confirm the transfer.


Done! Congratulations! You’ve successfully funded your MarketRobo account. Your balance will update within 30 to 60 minutes.